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tv   The Five  FOX News  January 18, 2012 2:00pm-3:00pm PST

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if you don't get it, demand it. right? you got to demand it. free advice for the daddies, your little girl will love you. if you want to watch my politics and businessers, or if you already love me, i'm a giver, not a fighter. basic cable. captioned by closed captioning services, inc >> eric: hello, i'm eric bolling with andrea tantaros, bob beckel, dana perino, greg gutfeld. are you reading the paper? >> greg: yeah. >> eric: it's 5:00 in new york city. this is "the five." ♪ ♪ >> eric: just moments ago, president obama killed the xl pipeline project. we'll examine just exactly what happened in a moment. but first, could sarah palin be a game-changer in south carolina? last night on hannity, the governor said she would vote for newt gingrich this coming
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saturday. listen. >> newt came out just like south carolina smoking joe frasier. came out and talking about work and jobs and work ethic and how the government needs to get out of the way in order for all americans to have a sense of opportunity to work. >> we talked about todd your husband going rogue. you haven't gone rogue yet. you have haven't given an endorsement. are you getting closer to giving an endorsement? >> if i had to vote in south carolina to keep this thing going, i'd vote for newt and i'd like it to continue. more debates, more vetting of candidates. >> eric: you betcha. newt is up for the challenge and says he is ready to fight president obama. >> what i have been looking for in my candidate is fire in the belly. we have to bloody obama's nose. you mentioned challenging him to seven three-hour debates. he has this armor of media surrounding him. if he doesn't agree to that, how do you plan to
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aggressively take the gloves off and go after him? >> first of all, i don't want to argue with you about the analogy. i don't want to bloody his nose. i want to knock him out. okay? [ applause ] >> eric: i want to get to the governor's vote, whether it had an effect. start with newt. >> greg: i have to say,vy to be the first pundit in america to say newt's hateful rhetoric is causing this epidemic of violence that is surely going to happen today. all across the world. people will be breaking noses in bars and i'm disgusted by this. talk about elevating the tone. >> dana: at least - old fashioned bare knuckles. >> eric: there are conservatives saying finally that newt is standing up. he is stepping it up. where has the sleeping newt
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been awakened? >> andrea: focusing on the angry conservatives but before, newt gingrich was -- he didn't say he would knock out the president. we sat around and i said newt wants to knock out the president based on the way he was talking. that is why he rose in the polls. then he got distracted. now he is saying he wants to knock him out. they love it. >> bob: knocking people out since the first grade. this is all the guy talks about. this is not the new newt. this is old newt. >> eric: old newt is better than the one for the last couple of months. >> dana: the old new-new newt? i can't keep up. >> eric: flip-flopping on the newtness? >> dana: "commentary magazine" had a piece where he listed the quotes that gingrich had had in the past. anybody who thought he was going to the conciliatory character where he would be
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magnanimous and friendly with everybody only had to look at things he has done in the past. he has rhetorical skills and he can deliver a line. i don't necessarily think -- i think some con seventives think that finally yes. we need someone to go after obama. others thing okay, but what are you going to do? more worried about private equity. >> eric: that is a good point. newt's finest moments going after president obama. tougher moments is going after romney on bain and taxes. >> greg: this is turning into in a weird way -- he is hitting the right chords. he's a conservative tribute band. when you go see -- instead of neil diamond you see super diamond and they play all the hits and just as good? he's tribute band. >> eric: what about sarah palin's endorsement, pseudoendorsement? working, good for gingrich?
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>> andrea: it could help. there are undecided voters but it helps sarah palin more. conservatives talking about every day we want this to go on because romney is not conservative enough. she is their voice and egoing the sentment. it helps her. >> got to be good for 20, 30 points anyway. >> eric: you take one day off and come back loade loaded h sarcasm. >> bob: i think the fact of the matter is it won't do a bit of good for newt gingrich. none. >> dana: spond short of stull endorsement it was south carolina vote for newt so he can come in second to keep the process going. if we have another debate -- >> eric: because we screwed up four years ago when we didn't bet obama. >> greg: i think it hurts mitt's feelings. didn't get the full endorsement. >> eric: show the poll, released hour and five minutes ago. look. tidying up.
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romney, 33. gingrich, 23. santorum, 16. paul 13. any surprises on the poll? >> bob: the surprise is it continues to slip in -- paul continues to slip in south carolina. he is not getting -- that is much more of a value oriented state. not where he really is. strong defense oriented state. his position is bring troops home. not in wars. gingrich is the beneficiary of that. santorum's argument, despite the endorsement by the religious conservative over the weekend are wearing thin, because the voters there will make a choice. two people. only two. >> eric: not three? >> andrea: the best thing for gingrich or santorum or perry, who i believe will drop out after south carolina anyway they have to get the other conservatives out of race. they are splintering the vote. >> eric: before or after south carolina?
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>> andrea: if newt has a chance in south carolina, the others have to go. >> dana: i think they stay through south carolina, next saturday. today, laura ingram on the radio program called on rick perry to go ahead and drop out. he said he would continue on through florida no matter what happens. the surprise to me is that perry cannot get any traction. we'll talk later today about the xl pipeline. >> eric: do it now. great transition. >> dana: great! >> eric: greg, you have been on this for a long time. >> greg: following this for seven years. >> eric: he told us he was taking the state department advice and killing the xl pipeline project. i threw this on the white board quickly. talk about what is going on with obama and the xl pipeline. 20,000 jobs minimum. high send 130,000 jobs. this could create. 500,000 barrels per day coming in from canada, canadian oil.
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under obama, gasoline is up 86% from the day he took office. this one here, tens of billions of dollars in state revenues. revenues to all the states affected if the pipeline goes through. this is what obama is worried about. sage brush lizard, delta smelt and caribou. really? >> greg: i want to be on obama's side here. this is fantastic news. i can't think of a better thing to do when energy prices are so high. also, it's great we are getting fuel from the unstable nations. instead of canada. they gave us celine deon. >> bob: the numbers are wrong. >> eric: not one of them. >> bob: he said he'd like to see the pipeline go through, wait a second, but that the deadline that the republicans put on making the decision was too short. thank republicans. >> eric: which number do you
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take? >> bob: 1.7 million jobs. >> eric: that is his number. $1.83 when he took office. >> dana: he is right. >> eric: i will do this. let's bet lunch. >> bob: standard gas? dane not as if the republicans said you only have 60 days to decide on the pipeline. this has been in pipeline for years. the only decision is rerouting it through portion of nebraska. >> eric: we talk, we had a cup of coffee on time. >> greg: thanks for inviting me. >> eric: you were busy. look at the full screen. the current u.s. pipeline in place. it's red because there are so many of them. those are lines. one or two more pipes in the ground, what would it effect? nothing. >> andrea: opec must be laughing at us, rolling on the ground. this is the most perverted
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about the thing. it's so political. the president game out, not to justify it or the melter or the beloved caribou but said fewer jobs would be created by the pipeline than the payroll tax cut. >> eric: he wants to see it go through. >> bob: absolutely. they counted the waitresses jobs in this. >> eric: we have to go. >> bob: tease, right? >> eric: >> andrea: bob, here is something else. >> eric: coming up, chris christie says romney should release his tax returns. you will hear from the jersey governor next. also, don't forget, e-mail us at we'll be right back. ♪ ♪ if there was a pill
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♪ ♪ >> dana: welcome back to "the five." we'll continue to talk about g.o.p. politics.
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one of the things that we have heard a lot about in thelag week, increasingly from republican candidates who are opponents to mitt romney but also from the obama campaign is about whether or not mitt romney should release his tax returns. they are calling on him to do so. federal candidates are not required to. they are not required to. as an individual, your incomes tax returns are private. you don't have to release them. looking back today through the practice over the last several elections, most candidates release their tax returns. think i they will rip the band aid off and hopefully stop picking up the scab and get it over with. chris christie the governor of new jersey had something to say about that this morning as well. he said what i said, nothing to hide.
2:16 pm
there is a difference, because mitt romney hasn't drawn a salary from a company in a while. he has investment income which is taxed differently under the law. >> eric: quickly, sorry to use the board twice. not con doming what he did but i'm showing how he did it. capital gains when you own stock or invest in a company you are taxed at 15% maximum rate. maximum income tax would be 35%. if all the income came from the investments it will be there. then you can write off as private equity guys off, they will borrow big money to do the deals. the interest income they pay on the loan they write it off. they play a stock option gain. they are given options many years and decades in the future.
2:17 pm
all legal. >> dana: that is the law. if the conversation led to a question of whether or not you had been legally paid your taxes as the question of the current treasury secretary under the obama administration, tim geithner, i think there would be more to talk about. if you pay the taxes you are required to pay under the law, there is not a lot of error there. >> bob: a lot of people out there did do that, too, right? pay 15% on capital gains. >> dana: that is the law. do you think liberals don't pay 15% on capital gains? >> eric: >> bob: they are not running for president of the united states. >> dana: why should you pay more -- >> bob: are you suggest he shouldn't release taxes? >> dana: hold on. i said i think they should release it and get it over with, but i don't think you pay more than the law requires you to. there is not a single liberal that says i volunteer to pay more than mitt romney.
2:18 pm
>> that is the reason we ought to not have the capital gains tax. they don't get away with paying less -- >> andrea: why doesn't president obama reform the tax code? if romney made $1 million last year and -- >> andrea: >> bob: can we get back to the point? the point is he has not released his taxes. he has to release his taxes. >> the point is -- wait a minute. >> we need patrick cox of tax masters to come here. >> greg: let's be honest. half of america is not filing tax returns so they don't know what a tax return is. we should explain what it is. a thing you fill out. it's like working out a tip with the restaurant meal but the restaurant really sucked.
2:19 pm
>> andrea: can i say something without you biting my head off? please? >> bob: of course. >> andrea: greg made a point. a lot of americans pay less than mitt romney paid. say romney made $1 million. paying $150 ,000 in taxes is darn good. it goes to support a lot of the welfare states that liberals like to jump up and down about like foot stamps and the like. romney should release taxes and embrace the transparency. he should get it out now before he is in a general election. when he is facing the president. release it and defend earning a living. what is bad about that? >> bob: he has to do it before that. not going to get it without doing this. >> dana: he is probably going to. >> bob: geraldine ferraro did not release her taxes -- >> eric: or the clintons. >> bob: this will happen with romney and you are right.
2:20 pm
he cheated $200,000. >> dana: that is not fair. under the law, if you want to get behind tax reform and change it, so be it. let's get something through the united states senate that blocks every bill that anybody tries to push forward. that is run by democrats. if president obama wants to come up with something to pass the united states senate, let's have at it. change tax reform. >> andrea: deficit commission, he put out a plan on taxes but wouldn't touch it. why? >> bob: the point romney can't afford not to release it. i don't know what he is hiding here. >> dana: the point is not that. he will release it like others have. the point is the question is it going to be -- but he only paid 15%. if you pay 15%, under the law, that is actually the point. >> bob: but it won't change
2:21 pm
from now and the time he released it. >> dana: not in the next week. >> eric: he may have it. >> bob: when you -- [over talking ] >> eric: quickly, there are a lot of tax loopholes that are legal that may not look good in the middle of the campaign. >> bob: less than 15%? >> eric: he may. >> andrea: see, they will jump on him whatever he says. >> dana: right. >> bob: i hope so. i hope so. >> dana: we will continue in the break talking about the point we were trying to make. last night, we were talking about the democrats and race relations. tonight it's conservatives and race. we'll hear from rush limbaugh directly ahead. wheeeeeeeeeeee!
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♪ >> bob: hello to all the nice ladies i spoke to yesterday in florida. that's all i'll say. yesterday, i missed the show yesterday. i know y'all missed me terribly. you were talking about race and how the democrats handle race and politics. the table has been turned slightly as a result of a conversation between newt gingrich and our own juan williams. rush limbaugh responded to that. i think we have a s.o.t. of that. >> we conservatives do not see black and white, male, female, and gay/straight when we look at people. we see potential. we want the best for everybody. we know what is holding them back. that is government. >> bob: i guess that is one way to look at it, rush. of course the republicans try to cut back on child nutrition and head start, not the best for blacks. also, you are against gay marriage and against gays in the military. >> andrea: obama is against
2:27 pm
gay marriage, too. >> bob: i mean -- i'm trying to figure out what rush is talking about. >> greg: the conservatives have to be aggressive and say that liberals are way more racist than conservatives. in fact, because they keep expectations so low they can't expect minority to have an i.d. card. if you think a minority can't have an aide card, you are racist. >> eric: we're not racist or sexist or homophobic. we are big governmentists, against the big government. >> greg: governmentophobic. >> eric: the size of government is the only thing that matters to a real conservative. >> bob: how does that screw with "don't ask, don't tell"? >> eric: i don't know. [ laughter ] >> greg: don't don't doesn't have to do wit -- "don't ask, dt
2:28 pm
tell" doesn't anything to do with race. >> bob: but rush said gays, straight, black, white -- >> andrea: conservatives aren't concerned with that. do your job and fight. we like you as a soldier. we support you like that. >> bob: why are they against gays in the military then? >> greg: i don't know a -- >> andrea: it's not gay in the military, bob. >> bob: what is it? >> andrea: letting them do their job and not say and make it about sexuality and put a label on themselves. >> bob: so they should fight for their country but can't say what they are. >> dana: it's a moot point because president obama dealt with that and military is implanting the new law. >> bob: i'll get off of this and back to race issue. there was -- if you want to. i don't want to get into a gay argument with you, you will lose the argument. >> dana: who is arguing about gays? bobs i was. >> greg: what happened in
2:29 pm
florida? >> bob: don't worry, the average age was -- anyway. >> andrea: to rush's point he said that government is holding people back. it's the government telling people that it's okay to sitting on your butt and give you checks. good for the economy. >> bob: liberals made a mistake going back 30 years ago. we have thought we were doing the right thing and we had public housing and welfare payments. our responsibility. we did it for the right reasons. we need to change that. you change it, but it's not society alone to do it. it will require government intervention. that is the point. >> dana: but if you own a home you will feel more responsible for it. that is how we ended up with fannie and freddie. both parties are complicit in that. >> andrea: i think it's right, bost parties supported
2:30 pm
programs that helped people. this administration uses things like food stamps and expanding medicaid as form of stimulus. form to get the economy back on track. >> bob: allen west had something to say on greta's show. and want to show you something taken out of the conversation with juan williams. go ahead with adam west, the rhodes scholar from florida. >> i think it was offensive when the president stood before the congressional black caucus foundation and told them to take off their bedroom slippers and put on marching boots and get out there and work for him. right now, we are not seeing the president that is working for black community. 97% voted for him. >> bob: i thought he was a rhode scholar. >> greg: he is a liberal's worst nightmare. >> bob: articulate candidate.
2:31 pm
but i did think he was a war hero and rhode scholar. >> greg: thomas soul, allen west, ward connerly. what do you have on the left? al sharpton on msnbc. >> bob: maya angelou -- >> greg: i am talking about the modern political thinkers right now. black conservatives. coming on strong. >> bob: but the question is do you think there is not a reason why republicans only get 5 or 4% of the black vote? i don't know. >> dana: president bush got more than that, but then it slipped again. >> andrea: brainwashing on the part of your party. honestly. >> bob: from one brainwasher to others coming up, rapper jay-z getting in trouble for using the -- i bet ber careful myself with certain words.
2:32 pm
i am not talking about me. we'll tell you about it. ♪ ♪ ♪
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i'm bret baier in washington. the big story here today is the president's rerejection of a plan to build an oil pipeline from canada to texas. tonight on "special report" we will get the reasons and the reaction to the decision to scrap the keystone xl pipeline. james rosen has that story from the state department. republican presidential candidates are stepping up the attacks on each other days before the area primary. mitt romney continues to be the target of the four men trailing in the polls. today, newt gingrich and rick santorum exchanged unpleasantries. carl cameron is following the action. some of them are trying to score points channeling romney on his taxes.
2:37 pm
we look at the numbers. brit hume has analysis. report from iran says president obama has offered direct negotiations to the islamic republic in a secret letter. ed henry looks at that from the white house. "special report" from washington starts at 6:00 eastern. now have back to new york and "the five." ♪ ♪ ♪ >> greg: welcome back to "the five." yes, you can, a pointless scam? for years we have been told that high self-esteem leads to high achievement. giving everyone a trophy creates smarter, happier kids with a lot of stupid trophies. the problem is the phony affirmations didn't result in a better anything. once again, begun to embrace criticism to whip america's brats in to shape. according to the "washington post," growing research is found that always praising kids makes them shy away from real challenges for fear they will soil their perfect record. meaning real success is no
2:38 pm
option when you never dare to fail. a researcher said, "we used to think we could hand children self-esteem on a platter. that has backfireed." does it do long-term harm to the feel-good nonsense? edge couraging kids to look internally for validation, we disconnect feeling good from doing good. rewarding you for being you, is you could be a crappy you forever. that leads to one place. jail. after all, the people with the highest self-eschemoare killers, because if you think you are really special it's easier to get rid of those who aren't. far better to instill self-loathing in your kids. if anything it will be great preparation for middle age. >> bob: very interesting. >> greg: you have no shortage of self-esteem. >> bob: i don't but i'm not a serial killer either. true about serial killers. that is my hobby. i study serial killers. >> andrea: you have been to jail. >> bob: but not as a serial
2:39 pm
killer. it did meet ted bundy in florida. i did. i got to interview him. here is the thing, like we talk about the serial killers or self-esteem? [ laughter ] sorry. >> dana: he said serial killers have high self-esteem. >> bob: i'm trying to catch up. self-esteem. giving trophies to every kid, everything whether you score or not, you get a dork kid who hits it to the wrong goal, give a trophy. if i made a mistake in football, wild man took a tooth. every one of them, i am missing every other one. >> greg: that might go too far. >> dana: you know what i can't stand? fifth grade graduation. eighth grade graduation. then people asking for time off from work so they can go to their kid's fifth grade or eighth grade graduation. that irritates me. >> andrea: bumper stickers. >> bob: my daughter graduated from fifth grade, ridiculously expensive school they go to. fifth grade graduation. she wanted a down payment on a new car. she was like 12 years old. >> andrea: bumper stickers my child is on the honor roll
2:40 pm
at such-and-such middle school. who cares? >> dana: did your son have fifth grade graduation? >> eric: every parent cares if the kid is on the honor roll. >> andrea: bumper sticker, my kid is better than your kid? c'mon! >> eric: i don't know. >> bob: i agree with andrea. never one on my parent's car. >> eric: how do they get away with honor rolls then? if every kid has to get a trophy and we don't keep score in little league. >> greg: it's a happy roll. what about the expert in academics pushing this crap. shouldn't they crawl through the broken glass to apologize in >> dana: they are with the global warming academics. walk of shame. >> bob: there is a segment. >> eric: kids grow up and they will become teachers. don't forget, teachers are against any merit system. they just want everyone to make sure they stay in the union, make sure they are employed. not like what some of the municipalities want to do.
2:41 pm
reward teachers. >> dana: in england there was a school that banned musical chairs because somebody had to lose. >> andrea: people lose in life, though. that is the reality. this generation of there are no losers in sports, no losers in school. ridiculous. that's what creates the mill lennial generation that feel entitled when they come out of college. not all parents are like bob's father. >> bob: i won at sports and lost in school. simple as that. but they may not be exclusive. i used to coach little league baseball team. until i was fired. >> andrea: why were you fired? >> greg: did you have to wear pants at practice? a small problem. >> andrea: and on "the five." >> bob: one thing i refuse to do, the reason i got fired i refuse to hand out trophies to everybody on the team. my idea was to take a kid who wasn't doing that well, pull him aside and say look, you
2:42 pm
didn't hit that ball. here is the reason you didn't hit the ball. you know what we'll do? spend 15, 20 minutes just you and me after practice is over and see if we can learn how to hit. >> eric: so non-liberal of you. >> bob: i don't care if it's mon liberal. >> dana: i think it's starting to change. it's a generational thing. it's starting to come back. that way of thinking is starting because of the, maybe because people read academic studies are starting to realize now they tell us, telling your kid that you are fabulous at every turn like you drew a stick figure, so beautiful. you're an amazing artist, it doesn't work in the long run. so people that are worried about their kids future and the america competitiveness are i think younger parents now are parents of younger children are starting to turn. remember tiger mom? >> greg: yes. >> eric: i think the opposite. what has happened is that generation of that is now -- that's where we see the occupy movement. people think i don't need to work. i deserve more. you don't deserve to make more than i do. i'll occupy this.
2:43 pm
>> andrea: the recession hurt a lot of millenials. they were expecting to get jobs. my generation was getting jobs when they were in college. a lot of them had to move home with their parents. their parents didn't have the money to spend on them and move to a city like new york so they had to work at the blockbuster video and be humbledty. regulation was good for kids. >> bob: just because you work 122 hours of week yourself. millenials are the largest generation, bigger than the baby boomers. interesting thing about them, they don't spend as much in politics as we learn but they do more volunteer work. i don't know if there is a connection between the two. i don't know. but i go back to that sports thing. when said we ought to learn to do that, if you were a good baseball player, you were a college star, professional baseball player, i couldn't hit a curve ball. if they give me a trophy for not hitting a curve ball, i might have thought i could have been where you were. ridiculous. >> eric: as liberal as you are, i'm trying to figure that competitiveness and sports. >> greg: it's so funny. if you applied liberalism to
2:44 pm
actual sports. liberals would go crazy. liberals like sports, too. don't ruin our competitive sports. what if you got rid of scoring in the bowles and the world series? what if you just played against each other? >> andrea: there would be no commercials. >> bob: to suggest all liberals are like that. i am a liberal and i think you earn your spot. >> andrea: you are unique, bob. >> greg: i like to generalize, bob. >> bob: i know you do. it's easier. like wall street. >> greg: we have to take a break. so, what is kim kardashian up to? >> bob: who cares? >> greg: about 5'3". we're going to force bob to talk about her anyway. if you leave now i'll spray paint my name on your garage door. ♪ ♪ @=h
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>> andrea: welcome back to "the five." you probably heard tabloids going crazy, jay-z and his wife beyonce had a girl name ivy carter. now there is a report saying that he is going to stop using
2:49 pm
the "b" word, swear word we won't say it here. bob got in trouble for it before. he will stop using it from the lyrics. the producers called to confirm the story. it's patently false. the question has been posed, should jay-z stop using the swear words? 50% of the songs use the "b" word. it's ridiculous. i'm not one for censorship. but to indulge the audience i'd like bob to read a little bit of jay-z's lyrics for us. hit it. >> bob: this is from one of my favorite songs. big pimping. we got blank in the back of the truck, laughing it up. bleeping here -- sorry, its says it in the notes. you like my smile and smell my cologne. >> it's the name of the song. >> bob: i don't think you can get in trouble for saying, "bitch." myself. the producers think i can. [ laughter ] i haven't sworn here now in 63
2:50 pm
days. that is not a swear word. >> eric: new year's resolution. >> dana: do you count that? >> bob: that is not a swear word. >> dana: do you go home and mark on your calendar, i did not cuss today. >> bob: 63 days. this is ridiculous. i don't see, what would rap be -- not that i'm a big rap follower but what would it be without having that in it. >> greg: it's referring to women about that word. that happens in hip-hop a lot. interesting that a lot of feminists don't come after them about the hip-hop artist. it's like how peta never throws paint on snoop dogg but they see a white celebrity wearing fur they do that. >> bob: i had a celebrity throw red paint on my boots. >> eric: fur boots? >> bob: ostrich. >> eric: you buried the lead. wearing fur boots. >> bob: they were ostrich. >> dana: that is like
2:51 pm
leather. beautiful soft leather. >> greg: really? >> dana: yeah. >> andrea: you fancy 1%er you. >> can i apply this to baseball? jay-z, the empire state of mind you hear it every time you go to a yankee game, they are trying to make it the new york theme song. the old sinatra "new york, new york" and exchange it with "empire state of mind" but the lyrics are bad if you listen to them. i won't go into what they are. should jay-z change the lyrics because it's played at baseball games? >> andrea: as a columnist, i think it's a slippery slope to argue for censorship. parents should monitor with what the kids listen to but to tell someone what to play in their music is difficult. they could come back to me and say be careful what you write. >> greg: should he on his own accord to change something? >> andrea: if he wants it played at a yankee game. i'm a big jay-z fan. i have been to the concert. you and i were going back and forth over e-mail. you have a funny story.
2:52 pm
>> dana: i had never heard of him before in my life. three years ago i came to new york on a business trip for the u.n. assembly. there was a business dinner and i went to the business dinner and it was in the village, i didn't know where it was at the time. i go down there and have the dinner. fine. i have my mind on other thin things. the opponent with me, chris on the hannity show says i can't believe jay-z was in that restaurant. i said what? who are you talking about? i had no idea who he was talking about. he was a big star. >> andrea: you didn't even know rappers had concerts during the commercial break. >> bob: i didn't know. i'll go to one. dabs how do you think they make their money and be part of the 1%er? >> bob: sell records. >> andrea: one more thing coming up. ♪
2:53 pm
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2:57 pm
chopa, the anti-pirate thing. >> dana: online piracy act. >> greg: thank you for that. i have no idea what i am talking about. a lot of websites went offline, including wikipedia under the assumption people would panic not having wikipedia. i have been fine. i haven't use it at all. >> dana: i don't check. i got a great note from a friend this week. e-mail from ryan streeter. his children, and his older sister watch the five every day and love it. great that the young people watch us. ryan streeter has a great new website called ryan, compilation website. i'm glad to be recorrected for them. >> eric: great. >> greg: i bet we won't get
2:58 pm
more pictures like that. >> dana: they may not let them watch after this show. >> andrea: i hope they weren't watching the last segment. female dog. >> eric: throw mine up. only in washington, d.c. would something like this happen. called the wildlife protection act of 2010. washington, d.c. occupy d.c. species. they can't be killed. they have to be gathered, family and all, and removed. most of them have been removed. >> dana: are you kidding me? >> eric: i kid you not. they are being relocated in neighborhoods in virginia. >> dana: gross. outrage. >> bob: i would like to relocate -- no. i wasn't here yesterday. sorry i wasn't. i want to say something to my friend juan williams who sat in for me. that shot by gingrich was a cheap shot. used a lot of courage, juan, coming up with what you did. saying to gingrich, his response that he turned into an ad was a cheap shot.
2:59 pm
yahoos that stood up in the audience and cheered that were unbelieve to believe me they'd dit. make another point, newt. if you want to get your act straight, the largest percentage of increase of food stamps happened not under this president but under george w. bush. >> andrea: not true. >> bob: i bet $1,000. >> eric: let's bet a dinner. >> bob: dinner. >> andrea: i want to talk about how michelle obama didn't eat your salad for her birthday. in the herrial break, i wish i could share what goes on. dana said it wasn't jay-z, it was l.l. cool jay. >> dana: i was corrected by the person there. >> andrea: i responded he is hosting the grammys. so bob said juan williams is hosting the grammys? >> dana: who's on first. >> andrea: thank you for watching. >> bob: l.l. cool jay is a rapper? >> andrea: oh, boy.


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